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Your Ultimate Digital Asset Resource

From building automated reporting solutions for DeFi protocols and major exchanges, to our digital asset compliance and regulatory support, our cryptocurrency and blockchain practice has remained at the forefront of the industry since 2014.


Dedicated Digital Asset Teams

Focused exclusively on supporting the middle office, fund operations and portfolio accounting of cryptocurrency funds, our teams capture and normalize transactions to ensure timely and accurate reporting through both manual and automated reconciliation.

Unparalleled Network

We collaborate with the best-in-class service providers to ensure a holistic, seamless engagement. From fund formation attorneys, auditors, and banks to custodians, OMS and technology providers, we make meaningful introductions based on structure and strategy.


Expertise in Complex Fund Structures & Strategies

As various digital asset structures and strategies emerge, so do our capabilities. We work hand in hand with clients to support structures like Daily, Weekly & Monthly NAV funds and venture capital funds, as well as strategies including hybrid, staking, lending, mining, and DeFi.


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Hundreds of Blockchains, Exchanges and Protocols

Our proprietary integrations support hundreds of blockchains, wallets and assets, more than 50 of the largest exchanges, custodians, banks and OTC desks, and various major DeFi protocols. 

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Direct Client Integration Capabilities

We build customized solutions, automating record keeping through STLP or API integration to ensure each transaction is reconciled and accounted for.

Tri-Party Pricing

Pricing can vary greatly depending on the source. To give our clients peace of mind, we offer various pricing vendor integrations with standard reference rates for more than 200 digital assets, updated in real-time every second. 

From Our Network

MG Stover's tailored technology platform and approach make them a clear leader in the market place. I've been impressed by their ability to work with our team to quickly onboard new fund products and structures. They are a great partner and have added value to our overall operations and investor experience.
COO, Polychain Capital