We’re serious about what we do, but like to have a little fun too.

The driver of our growth through the years has been our willingness to invest in people. As a professional services firm, we recognize that our people are our greatest asset and will create the client experience that differentiates us from the myriad other fund administrators. We are committed to hiring and retaining employees who continually strive to exceed our client’s expectations. If you’d like to be part of a fun, fast-paced team and want to contribute to a meaningful effort, come join us!

Open Positions

Experienced Hire Positions

We’re always looking for top talent to join one of our teams. If you don’t see a fitting open position but would like to submit your resume for future consideration, please email recruiting@mgstover.com.

Current Students & Recent Graduates

Our job postings below are generated using Handshake. If you go to a school that does not use Handshake, please send us an email with your resume attached to recruiting@mgstover.com.

Internships Unavailable

Although our internships and Summer Leadership positions are full for the year, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to submit your resume for future consideration, please email recruiting@mgstover.com.

Campus Events

Campus Events

Check Back Soon!

It was a great Fall recruiting season! Thank you to all those who participated. We are looking forward to an exciting Spring season. Check back soon for Spring events.

Want us to visit your campus?

If you would like MG Stover to visit your campus, speak at a student event, or contact your business school, please reach out to recruiting@mgstover.com.

From the team

A message from our team

Katie Collins
Senior Manager, Private Equity & Venture Capital

“I enjoy working at MG Stover because every day I learn something new. Whether it’s from my director or from someone on an entirely different team, each day is a chance to grow in my career. I love that we get the opportunity to work directly with fund managers and help them succeed in their business. I can honestly say that I look forward to coming to work because the people and culture are so fantastic.”

Michael Gilman
Manager, Client Relations

“The culture, the CEO and my direct manager were all huge selling points. It seemed like everyone enjoyed working for the firm and were all making a significant impact. I wanted to be part of something exactly like that. After I started, I could not have been happier. Some mornings leadership makes breakfast, we have tons of company events and we volunteer at least once a quarter. I truly believe that our office culture is second to none.”

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